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Wildlife, nature, traditional dishes, cultural interactions, history, heritage and lore - these attributes influence our understanding of a country, and all help make it the unique culture that it is.



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The little country with a big personality.

For a country roughly equal in size with Northern Ireland, Montenegro packs a whole lot in. With dozens of summits over the 2000m mark, five National Parks, the world's second deepest canyon (Tara Canyon) and what is regarded as Europe's most southerly fjord (Bay of Kotor) it is an outdoor enthusiast's paradise.


Besides great scenery and great walking, there is much to appeal to travellers. The complex history, geography and politics of the region has on occasion led to turbulent times, but has left behind a fascinating culture and an intriguing historical narrative. 

This almost entirely mountainous country is now fast emerging as one of Europe's must-visit destinations. For hikers seeking something a little different yet still close to home, Montenegro is a great option.

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