Local Tour Operators & Guides


We have not used the services of an agency or guide in many years, preferring to explore Poland independently. However, as useful site for checking accommodation, activities and local information Discover Zakopane which is helpful for getting the basics of a trip together.

UK Travel Companies


We tend to prefer using smaller, independent UK-based walking companies when travelling in a group, but for Poland we would generally suggest travelling independently.


However, if you do want to take the “small group” travel option, the following all run trips to the Tatras and other destinations in Poland:







Mountain Huts (Schroniska)

As mentioned elsewhere, wild camping is strictly prohibited in the Tatras NP. So, if you want to spend the night in the mountains, the best option is to use one of the huts/refuges that dot the park. These are sociable places, where a bed and a hot meal can be had at the end of each day, and breakfast provided to set you on your way next morning. There are 8 in all, and booking is advisable as they do get very busy.


There is no one collective place we can find that brings together the contact details for the all huts, so we have compiled a list below. To the best of our knowledge it is current, but details, especially mobile contact numbers, may easily go out-of-date, so we suggest visiting the individual hut websites as a first port of call and ask questions/make bookings from there.


Although busy and slightly tricky to book, this network of huts can be combined to create numerous multi-day hikes.

1. Murowaniec (Location: Hala Gasienicowa)

Web: www.e-tatry.pl


E: murowaniec@e-tatry.pl


Tel: +48 18 201 26 33



2. Kalatowki (Location: Polana Kalatowki)

Web: www.kalatowki.pl/en


E: recepcja@kalatowki.pl

E: hotel@kalatowki.pl

Tel: +48 18 206 36 44

Tel: +48 608 326 030



3. Kondratowa (Location: Hala Kondratowa)


Web: www.halakondratowa.pl/en

Tel: +48 18 201 91 14



4. Chocholowska (Location: Polana Chocholowska)


Web: www.chocholowska.com 


E: Chocholowska.schronisko@gmail.com


Tel: +44 18 207 05 10



5. Ornak (Location: Hala Ornak)


Web: www.schronisko-ornak.pl


E: halaornak@op.pl


Tel: +48 18 207 05 20

6. Dolina Pieciu Stawow (Location: Valley of the Five Polish Lakes)


Web: www.piecstawow.pl/index.php/en/


E: schronisko@piecstawow.pl


Tel: +48 78 105 55 55

7. Morskie Oko (Location: Morskie Oko)

Web: www.schroniskomorskieoko.pl/en


Tel: +48 18 207 76 09


Tel: +48 60 226 07 57

8. Dolina Roztoki (Location: Dolina Bialki, Morskie Oko)


Web: www.schroniskoroztoka.pl/nowa/


E: biuro@schroniskoroztoka.pl


Tel: +48 60 900 17 60


Tel: +48 60 044 37 33